Online Registration Process

The SBTC will send out communications very soon to churches explaining the online registration process for messengers to the convention's Annual Meeting Nov. 12 & 13 at Second Baptist Church, North in Kingwood. Starting this year, we will begin to use the Church Portal for messenger registration.

Online registration for messengers is open and available now -- you do not need to wait on the letter from us, just access the Messenger tab of the Church Portal using the same username and password that you have used in the past to submit your ACP data and update your informaiton with us. Registration will close on Friday, Nov. 9, after that date messengers must visit the Credentials desk at Second Baptist Church, North (Kingwood) in order to register. 

Register your messengers now...

For additional questions regarding electronic messenger registration, pleasecall 1.877.953.SBTC (7282) and ask for Pastor/Church Relations.

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