Dr. Jim Richards

The investigative series begun in the Houston Chronicle on February 10, and other recent news stories, are sober reminders of the great pain that can result from immoral or irresponsible conduct on the part of churches or their leaders. The experiences of the victims of abuse are tragic and moving. I join with the messengers to our 2018 annual meeting, who by resolution condemned “all forms of abuse and repudiate[d] with a unified voice all abusive behavior as unquestionably sinful and under the just condemnation of our Holy God.” The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention has for years counseled church leaders and provided resources to train churches to recognize sexual predators, organize ministries to provide a safe church environment and enact proper reporting procedures in the event of an accusation.We will seek to do more. I pray for God’s healing for the victims of abuse and a renewed commitment to holiness for our pastors and lay leaders.

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