The SBTC Constitution and Bylaws


The Preamble to the Constitution of the SBTC states:

"To preserve and make secure the fundamental principles of our faith, to protect our doctrinal integrity and denominational unity, to ensure that the Convention conducts its business in an orderly and democratic manner under the Lordship of Christ and to set forth the relationship of the Convention with other bodies, we do hereby establish this Constitution and Bylaws.

We do moreover declare that whereas the Bible is the only foundational document for the defining rules of faith and practice that should be inherent in a Bible-based organization, the Constitution and Bylaws exist merely as a written document that provides a foundation and a framework for the application of these rules to the administration of this body. If in any point they are found to be inconsistent with or contrary to the Word of God, they are, in that point, null and void."

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