Cooperative Program

It’s a daunting task to reach the world with the gospel, yet that is what we are called to do (Matt. 28.19-20). Individually, it’s overwhelming; but together, the possibilities are endless. When you give to the Lord, you join millions of other Southern Baptists in fulfilling the Great Commission of taking the good news of Jesus to a world in need of a Savior. Learn more about CP...

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2017 Budget

2017 SBTC Budget Pie Chart

In-State Budget Summary Budget Per Ministry Area % Total Budget
Minister's Outside Retirement $450,000 3.50%
Protection Benefit $285,000 2.21%
    Total In State Special Allocation $735,000 5.71%
Missions $2,551,791 19.83%
Evangelism $2,061,059 16.02%
     Total Missional Ministries
$4,612,850 35.85%
Church Ministries $1,427,593 11.10%
Pastor/Church Relations $1,050,923
Hispanic Ministries $831,300
Leadership Special Assignment $640,421 4.98%
     Total Leadership Ministries $3,950,237 30.71%
$1,066,674 8.29%
Ministry Relationships $970,779 7.55%
Operational & Financial Services $1,529,975 11.89%
     Total Supporting Ministries
$3,567,428 27.73%
TOTAL IN STATE BUDGET $12,865,515 100.00%


SBC CP Budget (55%) $15,294,295
SBTC CP Budget (45%) $12,513,515
     Total CP Budget $27,807,810
Grant from SBC Entities $352,000
TOTAL BUDGET $28,159,810


The ministry of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is an extension of the ministries of affiliated churches in the state. We thank you for your partnership and we pledge our continued commitment to Kingdom work through the Cooperative Program.

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