No Matter What Day It Is- It’s Almost Sunday!

There are a lot of good jokes about preaching. One of my favorites suggests, “Pastors only work one day a week – and then they work too long!” That’s funny but it’s not true. I have served as pastor of… More →

Mission Trips that Actually Help Plants

Mission trips can be a huge blessing to church planters. However, they need to be mission efforts that actually help the planter and the plant. What are some ways that mission trips actually help church plants?

Plant Churches Like Gerbils! The Mindset We Need to Proliferate the Gospel in Church Planting

When I was a teenager my brother got two albino gerbils. If you aren’t familiar with this type of gerbil, they look a little like cute demons. They have white fur (the cute part) and red eyes (the demon part)…. More →

Racial Reconciliation

What is the role of the local church in racial reconciliation? In this webinar, Shane Pruitt and Caleb Turner look to address questions concerning the local church and racial reconciliation. This webinar was originally posted on Find more great webinars on that site.


“Am I losing my mind? What’s wrong with me?” That’s what I wondered in the middle of the night, alone in a dark motel room. I had gotten out of bed and started preaching to the shadows on the wall!… More →

How to Leverage Your Schedule for Effective Preaching

Preaching and proclaiming the Word of God is one of the most important callings for any Pastor. How do you leverage your schedule to build effective sermons? How do you guard and protect your study time? Are there day by day goals we should accomplish in building messages throughout the week?

Why We Need To Be Bold At Work

Sitting in a café in Montreal I am reminded of just how hard the people of Montreal work. As they walk past me focused on the tasks that await them, I can literally see the stress in their eyes as… More →

Bitterness Towards the Mistress

Often, ministry can become a bitter mistress that pulls a spouse away from their families. How do we have a healthy view of ministry? As a spouse, how do you not become bitter and jealous over ministry? Being married to someone called to vocational ministry, how do you find your own place in the Kingdom work?

7 Things Church Planters Want You To Know About Them

What is a church planter? A simple definition of a church planter is one who plants (or starts) a new local church. Of course that begs the question, “What is a good definition for church?” The word “church” originally comes… More →

Cultivating a movement of God in Your Student Ministry

Any movement of God is a work of God. Only movements can come from God. However, are there things that we can be doing in our churches and ministries to cultivate the ground to be prepared for a movement of God among our students?