Small IS NOT Irrelevant In Church Planting

My name is Jason Crandall. I am a nobody. I’m the proud owner of a lot of “nevers.” • I’ve never been on staff at a megachurch. • I’ve never led a college Bible study of thousands…or hundreds…or dozens, for… More →

Why It’s Ok, To Not Be Ok

Depression, anxiety and suicide are silent killers in the church that no one wants to talk about, address or admit are real. This interview addresses all three. As the church, how do we minister to these very real issues?


There are three options: a shrub, a tree, or a forest. A church planting church is a forest. 1. Get the BIG PICTURE of the KINGDOM OF GOD. We get the Gospel of salvation, but do we get the Gospel… More →


What is the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention all about? What is the Southern Baptist Convention? What is the difference between the two, and what are the similarities? Also, where are we headed in the future? How does someone get involved?

Advance Now Spoken Word

Deciding What To Preach

Standing with the Word of God in front of the people of God is an incredible privilege, and a weighty task. How we decide what to preach/teach? What things should be considered in figuring out what the teaching needs of the congregation are?

To My Generation: Be Teachable

To my generation: being a teacher does not make you exempt from learning & being taught by your peers/contemporaries. Sometimes my generation assumes that when we begin to teach or gain a platform, those who are our peers/contemporaries are no… More →

Taking on Generalizations about Millennials

Reaching Millennials is a hot topic right now in the church. However, is the church “shooting itself in the foot” by the way that it is “generalizing” Millennials. Are we seeing this generation as people, instead of projects?

Welcome to Advance Now

What is Advance Now all about? What is the drive, mission, and vision of Advance Now? Take two minutes to listen to this Intro, and join in on being a part of advancing the Kingdom of God!

4 Ways For The Pastor’s Wife To Manage Bitterness Towards Ministry

My car traveled a familiar route. I was on time, but anything but relaxed. Typical Sunday morning. My husband had left before sunrise to set up for our church plant. Dragged out of bed by my children, I balked at… More →