2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t We Singing?

  1. I came across this years ago. (15 to be exact.) First intuition is to become a “cheerleader” and tell the congregation to sing. Instead we taught the church the importance of worship as a lifestyle. Part of that is adoration to God. I would see members yell, cheer and scream at ball games yet act indifferent as we had our time to worship Him on Sundays and at other times.
    When we remove the “I” out of worship no matter what the style we worship in then can we truly offer God our best true worship. Since then I am blessed to hear the church in corporate and intimate worship as we gather in service. Teach them the importance of singing, adoring and surrendering to God.

  2. I’m blessed to say that our church loves to sing. They sing super loud actually. Just this last week our whole team on the platform was nearly in shock at how loud our congregation was singing. They love to worship Jesus 🙂

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