Encouraging Your Team

This time of year is often the busiest for a music minister. Christmas program rehearsals are in full swing and Christmas Eve programs are in need of planning. Oh, did I mention Christmas is on a Sunday this year?

We expect a lot out of our volunteers this time of year, asking them to make sacrifices in their schedules and family times to make rehearsals and performances. In light of this, it is very important to encourage your volunteer worship team and choir, lest they feel taken for granted.

Here are some ways you can encourage your team:

1) Send a Hand-Written Thank You Note

I am a firm believer in the power of a hand-written note. Taking time out of your day to say “thank you” to someone for volunteering their time and talents communicates more than you can imagine. This is idea is low-hanging fruit on the tree of encouragement.

2) Maximize Rehearsal Time

Make sure to start and end rehearsal times when you say you will. Additionally, prepare extensively for each rehearsal. You want your team to feel that you overly prepared for rehearsal. These communicate that you value their time.

3) Shepherd Your Team

The holidays can be hard emotionally on many people, especially those that have experienced loss. You must remember your primary responsibility is that of a shepherd. Continue to lead and disciple your people during this crazy time of extra rehearsals. While rehearsal times are precious commodities, don’t neglect praying for your team and celebrating with them.


In all you do preparing for Christmas remember to lift high the banner of Christ, love and serve his people well .

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