It may not feel like it, but fall is here! As we think about the upcoming holiday season, we have turned our attention to families. So many are hurting and struggling. Dialoguing with great leaders sharpens all of us. Below are a few of the planned discussion topics that we had for this fall's luncheon. Thank you for joining us for a great discussion and a free lunch! Next year's information is below:

Date: October 10th, 2019
Location: First Baptist Church Dallas
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm
Lunch: Included
Cost: Free

The 2018 registration deadline and event has passed. Be on the lookout for next year's registration!

2018 Children and Family Ministry Luncheon Discussion Topics:

• How are we helping families with spiritual life in the home? Are we really making a difference? How do we know?
• If dads are the linchpin to the family, what are we doing to reach and engage dads in the church and at home?
• Non-traditional homes have become the norm: 1/3 of all kids live in homes with an unmarried parent (single mom, single dad, cohabitation couple). How are we working to reaching the families and the children in these key situations? How are they unique?

Other discussion topics we that were engaged as time allowed:

• Security is pivotal right now - how do we keep our people from becoming lackadaisical about security? Everyone thinks "not in our church" - how can we change that?
• As we engage foster children in the church - how do we connect with them effectively knowing that the safety rules we have for leaders seem to be in conflict with the needs of children in foster care (hugging, touching...)?
• We live in a world where we will have registered sexual offenders in the church - how are we functioning to love them well with a hope for redemption, and yet at the same time working to take the utmost care of the safety of all the children charged to us?

Thank you joining us for this amazing event!

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