Warning Mature Content:

This content deals with the topic of pornography therefore, we want to advise that an adult view this content before allowing students to participate.

Saving Men in a Hyper Sexualized Culture

Men are being destroyed by sexual images and pornography. This is not just an issue in the culture but inside church’s as well. What can churches do to help men or women caught in or looking to stay free from this destructive industry?

Thank you to Josh Proctor for partnering with us on this important project. To contact Josh visit his website.

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Sexual sin grieves the heart of God but we can have confidence that Christ’s blood covers it. We want this conference to help men realize their hope and freedom in Christ.


Who: Church Leaders looking to help those who may be struggling and for men and women struggling with the 
            addiction to pornography
An online conference designed to help start the journey of freedom from sexual sin
Online. You can watch it in your own home or at church, by yourself or with a group of others that need to hear this too
Pornography is an issue that many people in the church struggle with. We want to come along side you to help and
           support you as your strive to break the cycle of sin and pursue a life of holiness.

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