Zone Map

SBTC Zone Map

Please check the map to find  what zone you are in.  Then look at the list below to determine your local representative.

Zone N1 - Carrie Bond
Zone N2 - To Be Determined
Zone N3 - Jennifer Garcia
Zone N4 - To Be  Determined
Zone N5 - To Be Determined

Zone E1 - Laura Taylor
Zone E2 - Kelley Hallsdorf
Zone E3 - Ashley Brusenhan
Zone E4 - Lori Moody

Zone S1 - To Be Determined                   Zone S2 - Marcia Dean
Zone S3 - To Be Determined
Zone S4 - Anita O. Wood
Zone S5 - To Be Determined

Zone W1 - To Be Determined
Zone W2 - To Be Determined
Zone W3 - To Be Determined

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