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Mission Statement:
Helping God's people advance His kingdom with the blessings He gives

The purpose of the SBT Foundation is to help Southern Baptists of Texas support Baptist ministries through bequests, planned gifts, church loans, and fund management services. Over the next 30 years, it is estimated that the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world will take place from one generation to another. The amount of wealth transferred could total as much as 41 trillion dollars. Let the SBT Foundation help you to be a good steward with all of God's blessings.

"Honor the Lord with your wealth." -Proverbs 3:9  

Financial Freedom

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From the It's A New Day Web site:

The SBC Executive Committee and Crown Financial Ministries are engaged in an alliance to conduct high impact, one-day financial conferences across the Southern Baptist Convention.

These conferences are designed to teach:

  1. Fundamental, Biblical principles of managing resources, saving, debt and setting priorities.
  2. God’s nature and how He uses money in your life to lead you to financial freedom.
  3. Practical steps to establish a plan to properly manage resources.

For more information, access the It's a New Day Web site...

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