Breaking the 200 Barrier

Growth Barriers Conference and Webcast
Breaking the 200 Barrier

Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research

Information for church leaders to assist in understanding the inherent barriers to growing the church to her God given size.
Focus on assisting leaders to develop a strategic plan for their barrier.

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Webcast Part 1 - Breaking the Spiritual Barriers

Webcast Part 2 - Changing the Scorecard


Webcast Part 3- Overcoming the Leadership Barrier


Webcast Part 4- Regaining Your Missionary Mentality


Webcast Part 5.- Be Intentional In Your Relationships


Webcast Part 6- Developing Strong Community


Webcast Part 7- A Strong Assimilation Process Must be Developed


Webcast Part 8- Break the Space Barrier


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