Read the Bible for Life

Read the BIble for Life

The Initiative

The Read the Bible for Life initiative, aims to improve biblical literacy in the church by encouraging readers to grow in joy and skill in reading the Bible. The initiative seeks to foster:

  • an understanding of how to read the parts of Scripture well,
  • a perspective on the Bible as a grand story God has written on the world,
  • a grasp of the themes of Scripture that thread their way powerfully and beautifully from the beginning to the end of this book of books, and
  • sound application of the Scripture to modern-day life.

The Conference

In 2011, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention was pleased to work along side the Read the Bible for Life initiative by hosting the Read the Bible for Life Conference with Dr. George Guthrie.

Conitnue the conversation with Dr Guthrie at the Texas One Day Conference in 2012.  Read More.

thumb - Living the Bible for LifeLiving the Bible for Life

The statistics are horrendous. Only 16% of those who attend church read a Bible daily, and an amazing 25% of those who go to church regularly never read a Bible outside of church. Those stats are startling, but also challenging. Dr. George Guthrie, Professor at Union University, has taken this challenge head on. His new material, Read the Bible for Life, is an incredible resource for churches and individuals to teach, challenge, and facilitate biblical learning for life.

There are a number of resources Dr. Guthrie has developed to help turn the tide. One of the key materials he has provided is a 9-week study, Read the Bible for Life Workbook, for Sunday Schools and Small Groups to teach them to study and live the Bible out. Knowing that many churches work on a quarterly system, we (at the SBTC) wanted to provide 4 additional weeks of study for groups called Living the Bible for Life. This supplement is intended to take many of the principles Dr. Guthrie has taught and help them be lived out in marriage, family, and the world.

We have also made this resource FREE for download on our website for leaders or families (see URL below).  Additional print copies are available for your church for $2.00 per copy (To get free postage the coupon code is: family ministry ). The fee is to only recover the cost of printing so that we can print more copies to help more churches.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE HARD COPIES

Click HERE to download the FREE Living the Bible for Life Family Guide (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COPY ONLY)
Click HERE to download the FREE Living the Bible for Life Family Guide + Living the Bible for Life Leader's Guide
Click HERE to download the FREE Using the Bible at home with your preschoolers

For more information reguarding Living the Bible for Life contact Lance Crowell.

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