Church Revitalization & Renewal

God can make any church come alive, but its people must turn to the Lord and experience revitalization God’s way. The five revitalization principles of church renewal that every church needs to experience are:

  • A fresh, biblically based vision from the Lord
  • A restored unity of the people
  • Mobilization of the membership to do the will of God
  • A renewed commitment to outreach and evangelism
  • Life-giving empowerment by the Holy Spirit

In order for this to become a reality in the life of the church, the SBTC Church Revitalization program partners with pastors to assist in moving the church through spiritual renewal and revitalization.

The entire Church Revitalization process is based on transferable principles from the Word of God for the people of God. 

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Pastor Development Online Study

Study at your own pace. Lay a foundation for strategic planning for your church. Develop a missions mindset or just fan the missions flame.

Visit in order to request an account.

Personal Mentoring

Personal and professional development. This is not a therapist, this is a mentor who will assist you in moving to the next level in leading your church and will help insure the utilization of "best practices."  Develop your "leadership point of view."

Personal Mentoring will help:

  • Identify and overcome gaps and challenges in individual leadership styles
  • Enhance required competencies or pastoral skills
  • Assist in transition
  • Cultivate effective 360 degree relationships
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Develop needed change-agent skills
  • Develop pastoral presence
  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Develop conflict resolution skills

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