For the last ten years the SBTC has been working with MinistrySafe to providing training and resourcing for our churches in the areas of prevention and procedure concerning the safety and security of those in our care.

Special Training for SBTC churches:
The SBTC is providing free training for affiliated church leaders and staff for 2019. You are able to register up to 5 people total from your church. Options are a 16-hour online training through the MinistrySafe Institute and/or the Sexual Abuse Awareness training. Both come with a certificate for participants. If you would like more than 5 church leaders to go through this training, it will be at the expense of the church. To begin the registration process – please fill out this form.
HELPFUL NOTE: Please have on hand the names and emails of those you want registered before beginning the form to fast track your registration.

Reporting Sexual Abuse:
In the state of Texas, everyone who knows about a sexual abuse incident becomes a mandatory reporter. If there is an emergency please call 911 immediately. If you become aware of an incident the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website has information on how to report as well as recognize signs of abuse.

Safeguarding your church:
National Sex Offenders Website:
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Texas Abuse Hotline:
Church Security

If you would like to stay connect with us with regard to any new resources or helps for churches from the SBTC – please fill out this form.

The SBTC is working with MinistrySafe to provide for the utmost safety and security for churches regarding their members. Tools like these will enable churches to develop preventative measures enabling them to become more aware of and properly handle any future threats.

Recent Event:
Sexual Abuse Summit - October 23, 2018 in Fort Worth.


If you have any questions please contact Kelly King at or call (817) 404-9438. For more information on Kelly King

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