What could be more Texan than cowboys, boots, jeans, horses, cattle and country music?  All of these things are part of the regular experience in an SBTC Cowboy Church.  At least one-fifth of all Texans are a part of what has been called the Western Heritage culture.  Many new SBTC Cowboy churches have experienced explosive growth and have seen hundreds of people from the Western Heritage culture come to Christ through their ministries.

But Cowboy churches aren’t just for cowboys.  Most new Cowboy churches reach a diverse mix of country people, construction workers, professionals, bikers, horse lovers, and country music fans. Planting churches that intentionally focus on reaching men, women, and families who work, live, and play in the Western Heritage culture is a priority for the SBTC.

What makes a new church a Cowboy church plant?  Several things:  country music, western dress, an informal setting, and common interests.  One of the biggest parts of the ministry of a Cowboy church is the use of an arena for outreach and recreation.  The Cowboy church is not just about the arena, the music and the boots and jeans.  It is an intentional way of connecting with more than ten million unchurched people of Texas and introducing them to Christ.

SBTC has a fellowship with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches.


For more information about cowboy church planting, contact the Church Planting department at 817-552-2500.

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