Planting With The SBTC

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is fully involved in the starting of new churches. The SBTC planting strategy works through its affiliate churches to reach Texas and impact the world, for together we can do more than alone.  

To have a relationship with the SBTC, all new churches need to:

1. Affirm the Baptist Faith & Message, 2000.

2. Affiliate with the SBTC. For more information, visit Pastor/Church Relations.

3. Begin giving toward the SBC Cooperative Program. This happens at the time of affiliation. All Southern Baptists understand that together we can do more than by ourselves. The Cooperative Program is the strategy by which we undergird the work of our international missionaries, church planting in North America and Texas, disaster relief efforts and support for the varied ministries of our local SBTC churches. To learn more visit


If you are also seeking financial support as a planter, that process begins at

Funded church planters are required to:

  • have a SBTC affiliated church as a primary sponsor.
  • complete the SBTC planter support application process.
  • sign a covenant with their SBTC affiliated sponsoring church and the SBTC. Download the covenant
  • complete monthly reports that are sent to their sponsoring church and the SBTC.
  • host a SBTC information meeting with their leadership and congregation.
  • submit their Annual Church Profile each year by December. 

The SBTC looks forward to serving its affiliated churches as they fulfill their God given mission in their mission fields. The planter will be connected with the best training available as well as a planting coach and a support team that cares for them and for the work they have been called to do. 

We look forward to serving you. 

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