Collegiate Roundabout

May 13-15, 2015

Westin Galleria, Dallas, TX

What is roundabout? It’s a three day retreat in a round table discussion format

Who is roundabout for? Collegiate leaders and staff in established collegiate ministries…leaders are encouraged to bring their spouse and enjoy the down time. 

 How will I benefit? Many of our leaders tell us this is the best thing they do annually. It allows them to talk to other leaders about what they are doing and how to get ideas and helps to more effectively reach collegiate students.

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National BCM 

BCMLife is a network of Baptist collegiate ministries from across North America. Campus groups, church groups, and campus churches are ministering together to connect college students to God through Jesus Christ.

The National Collegiate Ministry purpose statement is: To LEAD college students and others in the academic community to faith in Jesus Christ, to DEVELOP them as disciples and leaders, and to CONNECT them to the life and mission of the church.

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Collegiate Collective


 Collegiate Collective is working to elevate and advance the gospel on all college campuses globally by  equipping, resourcing, and networking the leaders who are engaged in or interested in reaching students.

 It is a one-stop-shop for all things related to college ministry. Whenever the question is asked, “How do I do  ________ in my college ministry?” the Collective will be there with an answer.



The concept is simple. This is not another website where you will find one person, or a small group’s, repeated opinions and musings. Using an extensive network of experienced and innovative collegiate ministry leaders, the Collective does not seek to be one authoritative voice, but rather a platform for many proven voices. As the network continues to grow through connectivity on the site, so will the number of contributors to the pool of knowledge and resources.



The goal of Collegiate Collective is to provide practical information for the practicing ministry leader. We want to focus less on the philosophical side of ministry, and more on the nuts-and-bolts. At times we must all learn from the school of hard-knocks, but by gathering stories, tips, and strategies from the best leaders in the field, and sharing those broadly, we hope to minimize the bumps, and maximize ministry impact for all.



Collegiate Collective recognizes that the world of college ministry is fast-paced and ever changing. There is always need to get ideas and resources to leaders efficiently and regularly. That is why you can expect multiple pieces of fresh content every single week, in a variety of convenient formats, not to mention a searchable library of archived content – making the Collective a veritable encyclopedia of college ministry.

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Webinar Archive

Looking to develop a ministry to collegiate students? Already have a ministry but you find yourself needing tools and ideas for ministry and desire to connect with other leaders. Our church based collegiate ministry focuses on helping churches develop and build a ministry to reach students. Be sure to check out our Webinar Archive!



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