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Church Based Collegiate Intern Grant Ministry


Goal - The goal of this proposal is to assist SBTC churches in securing the services of a Collegiate Ministry Intern. The intern will be selected by, supervised by and under the control of the church at all times. The SBTC’s control will be limited to the control of any collegiate intern grant offered to the church by the SBTC.

 Support:  $1800/semester

Substance of Ministry – The SBTC’s collegiate grant ministry is an effort to assist SBTC affiliated churches as they invest in the lives of young leaders, promote evangelism and discipleship across college campuses, and develop church leaders and ministers for the future.  The goal is to capture the hearts and minds of future ministers by getting them involved in the collegiate ministries of SBTC churches.

We believe the strongest leaders and best training should come out of the Church. The internship program provides an environment for men and women to be challenged and trained in the local church. 

While there will be benefits of having an intern and what they bring to a church, our program’s purpose is to encourage churches to grow and develop interns in their skills, gifts, theology, and character. Our commitment is also for the SBTC to encourage churches to have a part in the discipleship of young leaders and to expose those young leaders to the SBTC, its purpose and ministries. Through the intern program, the church will be training future pastors, lay leaders and apprentice church planters.

An intern’s position allows them to play a significant part in the ongoing ministry of the church. They are given day-to-day responsibilities for the operation of their specific ministry while also an opportunity and platform to learn to lead.

Level 1 Intern Grants (Other levels may be added later.)

This internship level has a 12–20 hour per week time commitment with a two semester term that may be renewed. Typically, interns are individuals in school or recent graduates who desire to make an impact in the local church through campus ministry.

 Requirements for Church and Intern

Intern Requirements

In order for the church to qualify for the SBTC collegiate intern grant, the intern selected by the church must:

  • Be at least one year past high school graduation and have a heart for ministry
  • Be baptized by immersion after conversion.
  • Be a member of an SBTC church.
  • Have a convictional stance and sign off on the B&M 2000.
  • Have a convictional stance and sign an alcoholic abstinence agreement.
  • Attend one mandatory orientation by the SBTC.  
  • Penetrate the campus thru evangelism and discipleship on behalf of the church.
  • Turn in evangelistic and discipleship activity monthly reports to their supervisor. (see example)

Church Requirements

In order for the church to qualify for the SBTC collegiate intern grant, the church must:

  • Execute the Grant Document
  • Comply with all laws in its relationship with the intern
  • Give to the Cooperative Program thru the SBTC.
  • Be involved in SBTC Collegiate event(s).
  • Submit an intern job description to the SBTC which includes campus witnessing and disciplining students (see example)
  • Turn in an ACP to the SBTC
  • Require the intern’s supervisor to attend one mandatory orientation by the SBTC.
  • At the end of each semester the supervisor must turn in a semester report of evangelistic, discipleship, and other ministry accomplished by the intern. (see example)
  • Require the intern to write one blog in the spring and one in the fall for the SBTC Collegiate Ministry website.
  • Agree to reimburse the intern for all ministry related expenses, including mileage.

 For informational purposes the following links are provided to the church as potential resources for background checks and child protection training.

Intern Selection - Church Responsibility and Obligation

Each church will be responsible for interviewing, screening, and selecting their intern.  The intern will represent, be under the control of and be supervised by the church. The church should take care in its intern selection and should conduct background checks, reference checks, and require child protection training completion.

 Orientation - Orientation Retreats will be offered in the fall and spring – Dates TBD.

 Churches will fill out a grant request; turn in an intern job description, a weekly schedule for the intern, and the churches supervision guidelines. 

SBTC Collegiate Ministry Grant Process:

The SBTC will accept grant requests through the following process:

1)     The church should complete the following documents and submit to the SBTC:

a)     Grant Request (see attachment “A-Grant Request Application”)

b)    Intern Job Description

c)     Weekly Schedule

d)    Churches Supervision Guidelines

2)     SBTC will notify the church within 3 weeks from receipt of application

3)     Churches confirm grant acceptance within 3 months and return confirmation that they have secured an intern

4)     Intern signs off on the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and alcohol Abstinence Agreement

5)     The Church  and the SBTC will sign the Grant Agreement

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