Prospective Collegiate Intern

What is the SBTC?

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is a confessional organization consisting of nearly 2300 autonomous local churches that have chosen to partner together to extend the Great Commission across Texas and around the world.  For more information on the SBTC visit


Why do I need Church Experience?
Most students come out of seminary with little to no ministry experience.  Churches generally are looking for ministers with ministry experience for staff positions.  The SBTC Collegiate Ministry intern position provides students with ministry experience within a local church.


What Would I be doing as a Collegiate Ministry Intern?

Develop a collegiate ministry in a local church with the end goal of leaving a self-sustaining college ministry in that church.  Don’t worry, we will provide training opportunities and helps to our interns to assist them in their ministry and it is a paid internship.


Where Would I be Serving?
Locations for internships range in location from the DFW metroplex to throughout the state.  Typically they are located in Central to East Texas, but due to the need around the state other locations may be required.  The local church will provide room and board, as necessary.


How long is the commitment?
Usually we ask for a 6-month commitment.  On some occasions, churches may renew the internship for an additional 6-month period.


How do I apply/get more information?
Email for the intern application and more information about the SBTC Collegiate Ministry Internship.


If you would like to connect with the SBTC Collegiate Ministry you can find us on Facebook @ Collegiate-Ministry or on Twitter @CollegiateSBTC or visit our website

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