Collegiate Missions Opportunities

We have several opportunities for students to engage in missions. We hope that SBTC Collegiate Ministry can be a resource for you and your students to get in contact with the many opportunities there are within our Convention.

For more information please contact us at or call us at 877-853-7282


 2014 Missions Opportunities

Collegiate Disaster Relief Trailer 

Your college students can be even more involved when a disaster strikes. Disasters create sudden and unexpected opportunities for immediate ministry. No area of mission action requires more rapid response than disaster relief.  SBTC is looking in to start a program with college students trained in Disaster Relief. This program will kick off this summer. The SBTC now has a Disaster Relief trailer that is equipped with all the tools needed to do mud out and chain saw ministry. This unit belongs to the SBTC and is available to college ministries to do disaster relief.  

Surely, you are thinking, how will this help my collegiate ministry? Being equipped to minister in a disaster area is Christian love in action, meeting urgent needs in crisis situations. Not only will physical needs be met, but spiritual needs will be met as well. The ministry accomplished, will generate the kind of excitement and stories that your church and nearby colleges will be excited to hear about. Church members and college administration/alumni love hearing how their students have served others.  

The Work

When working with this unit your group will contribute manpower, hope to disaster victims, be on a chainsaw crew or mud-out crew.  


Trained and certified Disaster Relief crew chiefs will train your group, go with your group, and coordinate the disaster work and ministry. The crew chief is not only recognized by state officials but by Homeland Security. Many times they have access to closed areas. Your students could literally be one of the first to enter a disaster area and begin ministering and providing help and hope to those that have lost everything. These trained Disaster Relief Coordinators/Crew Chiefs will provide the financial and physical resources needed to do recovery.  

Training is also available for the following areas: feeding units, chainsaw, child care, rebuild, water purification, laundry, showers, communications, and others. We are prepared to go where and when we are needed, even out of state.  Training is simple and is only one day. From January - May, every month, there is a training held somewhere in Texas. Training for your group is available at your church as well. Why train? Your group will gain the skills, safety instruction, and team building which are crucial in a disaster area. Also, credentials are needed to enter disaster areas. The training will give each participant credentials/certification to identify you in the disaster area. 

For more information please contact the Collegiate Disaster Relief Trailer Coordinator/Crew Chief.  Mike and Pat Liles, Collegiate Disaster Relief Trailer Coordinator/Crew Chief Mike’s Cell # - 210-323-5315; email Mike

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