Collegiate Missionary Ministry

There are over 450 college and university campuses in Texas. These students are not only leaders today but of tomorrow. When they graduate they will disperse all over our state, nation, and globe. What if the Church became intentional about reaching this people group? What if the Church reached college students with the gospel and made them into disciples who make disciples and they impacted our state, nation, and globe? We might see a movement that reaches the ends of the earth! We want to help your church reach this strategic mission field.

This ministry exists to assist SBTC churches in making multiplying disciples on college campuses by training and funding collegiate missionaries through the local church.

The purpose of this is not to help support someone in your church to maintain a ministry, although that is a good and worthwhile endeavor. The goal of this ministry is to impact lostness. It’s purpose is to take the gospel where it is not and make multiplying disciples. We want to take three years to intentionally invest in equipping a collegiate missionary in a few ways:


 Trainings are held twice a year at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students will receive best practices, principles, and tools to help reach a college campus with the gospel and make multiplying disciples.


Churches will receive a grant in order to help support their collegiate missionary. Funding and training is a three year process, similar to church planting. Each year funding is decreased.

What is required for a church to apply?

  •  Vision – Your church must be able to articulate a vision to reach your campus with the gospel. Churches must explain what they want to accomplish and how they are going to accomplish it.
  •  Missionary – Churches must have secured a missionary at the moment of application. You will be asked for their information in the church application.
  •  Campus within 10 miles – Your church must be within 10 miles of the campus your church will be engaging.
  •  SBTC Affiliated – Your church must be an SBTC affiliated church.
  •  CP Giving – Your church must be an active Cooperative Program giving church through the SBTC in the last year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you meet the requirements?

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This is the campus your church wants to engage with a collegiate missionary. Your church must be within 10 miles in order to qualify for this ministry,

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