Start a College Ministry

So you're starting a college ministry? Where do you start?

Brian Frye, National Collegiate Strategist for NAMB, offers advice in a four part series about how your church can begin a college ministry by engaging the campus.

The college or university campus is a mission field that has the potential, if engaged with the gospel, to rapidly expand God’s Kingdom in your community, across the nation and around the globe.

On a weekly basis, the ministry leader and members on the collegiate team will need to invest in weekly activities. Not everyone needs to be involved in everything, but at a minimum for college ministry to work well plan to spend time on the four following activities.


As you build your ministry from scratch, spend time thinking about and praying for catalytic moments for your students and for your ministry.


If your students have continued to grow in depth and your group has grown in size throughout the fall, you need to turn up the heat by making bigger asks of their time and faithfulness.


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