If you are interested in hosting an Engage Team in 2015, please read the following information before completing our form.


Engage 2015 Dates

June 7-11

June 14-18

June 21-25

June 28-July 2

July 5-10-Off

July 12-16

July 19-23

July 26-30



We have created a fillable PDF that can be used to promote your Engage Revival. Simply click the link above to download the file, fill in the appropriate information, print and distribute.

Host Pastor and Host Church Responsibilities

The following is an overview of the responsibilities of the host pastor and the host church. These lists are not intended to be exhaustive.

Host Pastor is responsible for...

  • Enlisting church members to serve on an Engage Leadership Team responsible for all planning and promotion.
  • Distributing Engage Handbook (provided by Engage) to Engage Leadership Team.
  • Coordinating all invitation calls with Engage Team Pastor at nightly revival services
  • Creating follow-up policies and procedures for decisions made during revival services and daily activities.
  • Asking for nightly love offerings for Engage Team. The pastor will send this love offering to the SBTC. All love offerings will be divided equally among all Engage staff at the completion of the summer.
  • Providing wisdom and accountability to Engage Team members in handling unusual situations.
  • Completing and submitting to the SBTC a report and evaluation of Engage Team.

Local Church Engage Leadership Team is responsible for...

  • Implementing the guidelines for preparing for the Engage Team and associated services and activities.
  • Coordinating with the pastor the planning and promotion of the Engage Team.
  • Creating prayer strategy for the Engage Team andassociated services and activities.
  • Enlisting host homes for Engage Team members. Host homes must fit within the host home guidelines provided by the SBTC.
  • Contacting the SBTC for promotional needs.
  • Scheduling and coordinating daily camps and community outreach events.

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