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Collegiate Collective

Collegiate Collective is working to elevate and advance the gospel on all college campuses globally by equipping, resourcing and networking the leaders who are engaged in or interested in reaching students.

It is a one-stop-shop for all things related to college ministry. Whenever the question is asked, “How do I do  ________ in my college ministry?” the Collective will be there with an answer


Starting a Collegiate Ministry

If you're starting from square one, this is your stop. Check out this four part article on how to start a college ministry that multiplies.


Many students are being destroyed by sexual images and pornography. This is not only an issue in the culture but inside the church as well. One out of every five Christian men and one out of every fifty Christian women say they might be addicted to pornography. We want to help support you as you strive to break the cycle of sin and pursue a life of holiness.


Gospel Appointments

We believe that gospel appointments could be the most effective way to personally share the gospel because they are both intentional and very relational. Gospel appointments are highly relational because you are spending time getting to know the person and building trust. They are also intentional because you are clearly explaining the good news and giving them a chance to respond to Christ.



Recommended Reading


 College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture by Stephen Lutz

This book translates missional theology to the practice of college ministry—ministry as a proactive movement that is constantly adapting to its ever-changing environment. This resource will equip college ministry staff, pastors, churches, and student leaders to minister effectively to today’s college students with both depth and practical insight.



The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

We talk a lot about the message of Jesus, and we should. It is important. But there was also a method to Jesus and how he made disciples. Robert Coleman shows us how Jesus made disciples who ultimately spread the gospel to the entire known world. This book will give you an idea of how to start a movement of disciple-making that can start a movement on your campus.




Movements That Change the World by Steve Addison

When Jesus commissioned his followers, he was not just inaugurating the historical church, he was founding a missionary movement. This book draws from biblical, historical and contemporary case studies to isolate the essential elements of a dynamic missionary movement.





The Fuel and the Flame by Steve Shadrach

The Fuel and The Flame offers church and parachurch college students, ministry staff and volunteers ten keys to impact students' lives for Christ. Five keys to personal preparation (the fuel) and five keys to ministry implementation (the flame) are defined and expanded on in order to develop students into the future Christian leaders of our world.



Tips for Starting a College Ministry by Paul Worcester

You've been tasked to start a college ministry. Great. Now what? This FREE ebook will help give you a clear path on how you start a college ministry in your church or on your campus.

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