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September 19-20, 2014

Southcliff Baptist Church

 Fort Worth, TX

The SBTC is excited to bring you the Confident Christianity Conference to strengthen and equip Christians
so that they will be better able to evangelize those who have no faith or are of another faith.
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 $20 before August 16th
$25 after August 16th
$10 forStudents


Keynote Speakers:

 Norman Geisler   •   Barry Creamer




  • Responding to the Challenge of Neoatheism
  • Reaching Out to Catholics                                  
  • Biblical Responses to Contemporary Sexual Issues
  • Reaching Out to Muslims
  • How to Lose Your Faith in College (For Students)
  • Reaching Out to Buddhists
  • How to Use Apologetics in My Generation (For Students)
  • Reaching Out to Hindus
  • Intelligent Design or Unintelligent Evolution?
  • Reaching Out to Jehovah's Witness
  • The Top 5 Questions Women Ask and How to Answer Them
  • Q&A with Norman Giesler
  • Asking the Right Questions in Evangelism
  • Panel Discussion                







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