Buckets for Harvey

In order to meet material needs for victims of Hurricane Harvey, we will collect and distribute buckets. This method has proven to be effective and efficient in past disasters.

We are asking churches and individuals to begin collecting 5-gallon buckets with lids, pack them with specific items then deliver the buckets to regional collection points. If purchasing items in bulk, please put separated items into ziploc bags. Many of the items are available at dollar stores. Each 5-gallon bucket should contain 18 items (approximately a $50-75 value):

  • Terry towels (thin towel 4-pack or buy in bulk and separate)
  • trash bags (roll of 25, may need to buy in bulk and separate)
  • mold and mildew control, spray bottle
  • dish soap
  • cleaner with bleach, spray bottle
  • 12 3/4" Wonderbar pry bar
  • small first-aid kit
  • duct tape roll
  • scrub brush
  • leather work/palm gloves (3-pack)
  • disposable gloves (2-pack)
  • utility knife
  • Sharpie permanent marker (2-pack)
  • 3M eyeglass protector
  • small hygiene kit (or use feminine napkins/pads purchased in bulk then separate)
  • 11" zip ties/cable ties (100 pack or similar)
  • N95 respirator/mask (2-pack)
  • sponges (3-pack, pack these last under the lid)

Picture of the items gathered:

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How to pack the items in the bucket:


Regional collection points are listed below. The buckets will be transported from the collection points to people in need.

Travis Avenue Baptist Church
800 W Berry St
Fort Worth, 76110

Grace Church, Waco
4610 Bosque Blvd
Waco, 76710

Hyde Park Baptist Church
3901 Speedway
Austin, 78751

Sublime Baptist Church
8 County Road 146 D
Hallettsville, 77964
Feel free to call (361) 798-3845 in advance.

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