Join with us as we work to serve those affected by disaster. Pray for the volunteers to be bold in sharing the Gospel, for our compassion to meet needs and for our personal safety.

Pray Scripture. For example, pray through your favorite Psalms. Psalm 46 is an example. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” One way of praying is: “Father, thank you that you have promised your presence in time of trouble. I ask these dear people become aware that you are their refuge and strength and that you are a present help. May they seek You. I pray you would strengthen them for this difficult journey.” In a real sense, you pray in the opposite spirit of the current reality of disaster.

Current Deployments:

Our crews are, and have been, volunteering to:

  • Help flood victims in the Texas Rio Grande Valley recover from a flood that destroyed over 5,000 homes from Mission, Texas to Hidalgo, Texas. Crews, both ours from Texas and those from other states, are expected to be mudding out homes for 3-4 weeks. Both Disaster Relief volunteers and TXRelief volunteers will be working the disaster area.
  • Rebuild neighborhoods and churches damaged last August, by Hurricane Harvey all along the Texas gulf coast. TXRebuild teams from across Texas and other states have been coming into the Harvey Disaster Area and volunteer to help rebuild homes and churches. 
  • DR units from Texas and other states have been working in Connecticut to assist flood victims by mudding out homes.


Daily Prayer Needs:

  • PRAY – for the victims of these disasters. Many have been displaced from their homes. Some have permanently lost jobs. Others are and will experience extreme difficulty in the months and even years ahead. Pray for the churches as some are damaged and some were even destroyed.
  • PRAY – for opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We not only seek to provide daily bread but also to share the Bread of Life, the Lord Jesus. Ask God to send laborers (Matthew 9:35) and to give the recipients of the gospel ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to believe, and a will to respond!
  • PRAY – for the “Adopt-a-Church” program. Churches outside the disaster zone partner with affected churches to assist churches and neighborhoods affected by disaster. Here is a link to that ministry -- Adopt-a-Church
  • PRAY – for SBTC Disaster Relief ministry and volunteers.
    • Clean-up and Recovery Units - clean homes from the muck and mire left by foods
    • Chain saw units - cut trees off people’s homes
    • Feeding units -  prepare thousands of meals a day to feed the affected general population or prepare 30-100 meals a day to feed volunteers• Assessors - evaluate needs and refer work orders• Administrators - keep track of volunteers and work orders
    • Shower units - make sure all workers have access to showers and laundry services
    • Child care units - provide temporary childcare to the affected population
    • Chaplains - work alongside all of the volunteers and share the gospel with those we serve.
  • PRAY – for the SBTC TXRelief ministry. That churches colleges and organizations will continue to send teams into disaster areas to assist in Disaster Relief response.
  • PRAY – for the SBTC TXRebuild Ministry. That churches colleges and organizations will continue to send teams and individuals into the disaster to help rebuild churches, pastor’s homes, and neighborhoods affected by disaster.
  • PRAY – that God's people give to Disaster Relief, TXRelief and TXRebuild through SBTC DR.
  • PRAY – that churches across Texas will continue to adopt affected churches and help them both financially and by sending volunteers to help them reach their neighborhoods for Christ.
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