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Immigration Border Crisis

The immigration crisis on our Texas border has allowed us as the SBTC Disaster Relief an opportunity to serve, and YOU can help!

Here's how:


Please pray for the families and children who are crossing the border. These children are very fearful, most of which are completely alone. Pray for an oportunity for them to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please also pray for the churches which are mobilized in McAllen and Lorado. These Southern Baptists churches are working diligently to assist the childen and families who are crossing the border, in their time of need.  

In addition, to the immediate needs reflected above, please pray for:

  • The SBTC DR Staff.
  • The SBTC Task Force Leaders, supporting and coordinating DR volunteers state-wide.
  • The SBTC Volunteers.
  • An increase in interest and volunteer numbers.
  • The re-organization, growth and expansion of the Texas DR ministry.


Your financial donations help make the efforts of the SBTC Disaster Relief possible!

Donate online to our general disaster relief fund.  Every cent will go to the most crucial immediate needs!

We encourage general disaster relief donations over those specific to a disaster. This allows use of all money raised for the most pressing needs. If you would like to make a donation specifically for Border Crisis relief, please make that designation on your gift and send checks or money orders to:

Disaster Relief Ministry
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
PO Box 1988
Grapevine, TX 76099


More Information

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Press Release for Border Crisis Response

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