The Stand Firm Apologetics Course is designed to 1) strengthen Christians’ faith by presenting compelling evidence for the truths of Christianity and 2) equip Christians to share and defend the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stand Firm is a sixteen-lesson video-driven introductory apologetics course that may be used for group or individual study. The individual videos are each about half an hour long and should be viewed prior to answering the discussion questions in the study guide. Discussion leaders and individual students may research the topics by reading the recommended books and visiting the recommended web sites.



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Interfaith Evangelism: The goal of interfaith evangelism training is to teach believers how to intentionally and effectively share the Gospel with those of other faiths, including Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and those who practice Judaism. This training will equip the believer to understand and respond biblically to the background, books and beliefs of other faiths while building relational bridges to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Apologetics Training: The goal of apologetics training is to edify believers by helping them understand the reasons for their faith while equipping them to better evangelize others. Training is available on a variety of topics such as the “The Trustworthiness of the Bible,” “Reconciling Evil with a Good God,” “The Resurrection,” “The Existence of God” and others as requested.

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