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This Evangelism Initiative is not a strategy or a program, it is a way for you and your family or friends to intentionaly share your faith.  We invite you to get your head in the game and intentionally plan to share the Gospel with your lost family and friends.


With the 1 Cross application we are bringing together the Gospel presentation in different languages to the palm of your hand. Our vision is to provide you with a resource that can help you take the Good News of Jesus Christ unto all the nations. While this should not be used as the primary source of sharing your faith, we hope that it is a great tool for you to use to clearly present the Gospel. 


One of the easiest ways to share the gospel is using one verse of scripture, Romans 6:23.  You can share the whole gospel story using this one verse.  The following resources are available to help your church develop and implement this simple method of witnessing.


Click here to download the One Verse Witness training PowerPoint.


The Stand Firm Apologetics Course is designed to 1) strengthen Christians’ faith by presenting compelling evidence for the truths of Christianity and 2) equip Christians to share and defend the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stand Firm is a sixteen-lesson video-driven introductory apologetics course that may be used for group or individual study. The individual videos are each about half an hour long and should be viewed prior to answering the discussion questions in the study guide. Discussion leaders and individual students may research the topics by reading the recommended books and visiting the recommended web sites.

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