FREE Gift for Life website has been retired, other great evangelism initiatives are available from SBTC and are listed below.  




The Game Plan is designed to give families and churches the opportunity to be on mission together. This plan offers a simple and concise way to have an intentional strategy to reach the lost for Christ. This approach promotes a lifestyle of intentional and strategic evangelism.


Who can do the Game Plan?

The great thing about the Game Plan is that anyone can be a part of it. Its simple approach allows for people of all ages to understand the need for the gospel to be shared, the way to share the gospel and assisting new believers in becoming more like Jesus. Make a list of five people you know who need to receive Jesus as Lord. This list would include neighbors, friends, family members, and work associates, people you play sports with or socialize with, classmates or those you have met casually. Begin building a relationship with the five people or strengthening the relationship you already have with them. Remember, sometime people can be led to Jesus the first time you see and visit with them.



With the 1 Cross application we are bringing together the Gospel presentation in different languages to the palm of your hand. Our vision is to provide you with a resource that can help you take the Good News of Jesus Christ unto all the nations. While this should not be used as the primary source of sharing your faith, we hope that it is a great tool for you to use to clearly present the Gospel. 


One of the easiest ways to share the gospel is using one verse of scripture, Romans 6:23.  You can share the whole gospel story using this one verse.  The following resources are available to help your church develop and implement this simple method of witnessing.


Click here to download the One Verse Witness training PowerPoint.




This new material is gleaned from 35 years of training lay people to share the gospel. It has the key elements necessary to get lasting commitment to witnessing.
Part One – Why Are You Still On Earth?
Part Two – The Lostness of Mankind
Part Three – Your Personal Testimony
Part Four – How to Share the Gospel Using One Verse of Scripture, Romans 6:23

Click here to download Simply Sharing the Gospel.





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