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Free Gift For Life is a website that can be used as a tool to share the gospel with friends, co-workers, acquaintances or even strangers.  Christians can put their own personal testimonies, a section of apologetics, and much more.




Celebration of Hope

Celebration of Hope is another term for what we might call a "revival." This material shows a church how to prepare for and execute a Holy Spirit-led revival meeting. It helps the pastor and congregation plan well ahead of the event so it will be well received. 


Festival of Hope

Do you have a yearning in your soul to see an evangelistic awakening take place in your community or region? This material shows churches how to put together and execute a Holy Spirit-led, city wide crusade.


Mobilizing Members

Churches have many events each year. This evangelism tool focuses on how to plan for large evangelism events. This tool guides churches in preparation for events and offers a multitude of ideas for harvest events.


One Verse Witness

This business size card has a picture of the bridge illustration on one side with the one verse of Scripture, Romans 6:23. On the other side are definitions of the key words in the verse. This card serves as a guide for the witness, and is not intended to be given to the lost person as a tract. 



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