What Is Crossover?

Crossover is the evangelistic outreach initiative preceding the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. This has been taking place for thirty years. Each year, NAMB partners with state conventions, associations, and local churches to saturate the host city of the convention with evangelistic events. Volunteers from across the country arrive in the city a few days prior to the annual convention to participate alongside local church members. These efforts result in hundreds of new souls won for Christ.

This year Crossover will begin on Friday, June 8 and end Sunday night, June 10 at Harvest America.  

Crossover Efforts

Crossover will include two types of evangelistic outreach opportunities by local church members, thousands of pastors, staff, denomination leaders, and church members from across the nation. These two types of evangelistic outreaches will be compassion ministries and direct evangelism.

When Is Crossover?

Crossover will begin on Friday, June 8 with an evening training service at each of the Launch Churches. There will be a time of worship and prayer that will include evangelism training. Each Launch Church will accommodate a morning and afternoon activities. These activities will include evangelism and community outreach projects.     

Finally, Crossover will conclude at Harvest America on Sunday, June 10.

Launch Churches

Region 1: 6 Stones
Friday: 8am - 4pm Home revitalization projects
Saturday: 8am - 4pm Home revitalization projects

Region 1: North Richland Hills Baptist Church
Evangelism: 3 Circles 
Friday: 6pm training, 7pm Door to door 
Saturday: 9am training, 10pm Door to door

Region 2: First Rock Fellowship
Evangelism: Time to Revive 
Friday: 8:30-9am training, Outreach 9am-12pm   
Saturday: Training 8:30-9am, Outreach 9am-12 pm, Report & Worship 2pm-3pm

Region 3: First Baptist Euless
Evangelism: Can We Talk? 
Saturday: Training 9-11am, Outreach 11:30am-2pm, Report & Worship 2-3pm

Region 3: First Baptist Church Keller
Evangelism: Share Jesus Without Fear 
Friday: Training 6-9pm
Saturday: Outreach 2-6pm

Region 4: Tate Springs Baptist Church
Evangelism: Can We Talk? 
Saturday Evangelism: Training 9-11am, Evangelism Outreach 12-2pm, Report/Worship 2-3pm
Saturday Compassion: 9-11am,12-2pm, Report/Worship 2-3pm

Region 5: First Baptist Irving
Evangelism: 3 Circles 
Saturday: Training 9-10am, Outreach 10am-12pm

Region 6: Prestonwood Baptist Church
Evangelism: One-verse Evangelism 
Friday: Training 6:30 pm
Saturday: Door to door Outreach 9:30 am- 12 pm

Region 7: First Baptist Dallas
Evangelism: 3 Circles 

Region 7: Cornerstone Baptist Church
Evangelism: One-verse Evangelism 
Saturday: Training 9:30-10am, Outreach 10am-1pm

Region 8: Grace Church of Ovilla

Region 8: Concord Church

Region 9: First Baptist Church Farmersville
Evangelism: One-verse Evangelism 
Friday:Training - 9 - 9:30 am, Outreach 9:30 am - 6 pm 
Saturday: Training - 9 - 9:30 am, Outreach 9:30 am - 6 pm

For more information and to register for a Crossover event in your area visit https://www.harvestamerica.com/crossover.

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