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Movement 2018 North Date

Movement 2018 North-Speakers

THE VISION Through Movement, the gospel will be communicated and lost students will have the chance to respond. Students will learn that Christianity is not just about showing up at church, but it is a movement to be advanced to the ends of the earth. They will be challenged to go home and start a movement by sharing and living the good news of Jesus Christ in their communities.


6:30pm - Registration Opens
8:00pm - Concert
9:00pm - Session 1
10:30pm - Session Ends

9:00am - Session 2 & Evangelism Training
10:45am - Lunch & Evangelism Outreach
2:00pm - Session 3

Movement 2018 Pricing Package

Look around you. In our culture today, there is more division than there is unity. Some division is trivial. Some is life changing. And yet, into this landscape, the Gospel speaks a profound truth: in Christ, we are united. We are together.

If you want to help your students live out their answers to these questions, then TOGETHER is for you. Teach TOGETHER and challenge your students to embrace a Christ-centered community. 

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