SEC North

January 16-17, 2015
Location: Fielder Church - Arlington, TX


Tickets: $15 online before Dec. 5th

$20 after Dec. 5th & at the door

Combo Price with Surrender Retreat: $70

Movement from SBTC WEB on Vimeo.


SEC Adopt a Non-English Speaking SBTC Church


When students from non-English speaking countries move to Texas, they can feel isolated.  Many don’t get invited to parties, games, to hang out, or to church.  They want to go out and be part of the American teen culture, but feel “trapped in their home.” 

 The SBTC has many non-English speaking churches.  Churches attending SEC are encouraged to find a non-English speaking church and adopt their youth group by befriending them, bringing their group to SEC, and hang out with them while there.  This will be a wonderful time of getting to know a Christian from another culture and will expand each students Christian worldview.

 To find a non-English speaking church in your area, please go to the Find-A-Church option on  Enter the city in which your church is located.  A map will populate with all of the churches around you.  Place your pointer on each flag until you find a non-English speaking church.  Then is it easy to contact them and invite them. 

 If your church has a non-English speaking church using your building for church services, that is the perfect group to ask. 

 It would be a great idea to get the groups together before SEC, just to make introductions and breakdown a few barriers.  The chances are that all of the students go to school together anyway!


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