We try to cater to all students, athletic and non-athletic. We have a time of crazy rec, which is divided by church/color groups and includes relays. These games will include water games and some messy activities. We have included "clothes that can get messy" on the packing list. 

Churches will be assigned colors closer to the camp date. Smaller churches may be paired with other smaller churches to create one large team. Larger churches may be asked to split into two teams - the youth pastor will decide how those teams are split.



In the afternoons are optional sports tournaments during Free Time. Students can create their own teams and sign up at the first night dinner and the following breakfasts. Tournament brackets will be posted each morning at the announced location. We will offer:

  • Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee
  • Co-Ed Dodgeball
  • Junior High Girls' Basketball
  • Junior High Boys' Basketball
  • High School Girls' Basketball
  • High School Boys' Basketball

There is also time for students to have Free Time to participate in all of the fun campground activities. 

*Tournament, Rec, and Free Time activities are subject to change and are dependent on each camp.

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