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M3 Camp Registration Policies

Online Registration

Register the number of students and adults that will come to camp.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due per person by May 1st.

Registration Rates:

November 2017 - May 1, 2018
Early Registration
May 1, 2018 - June 2, 2018
Late Registration 

Payment Deadlines

A deposit of $50/person is due by May 1st. After that date, if you drop spots, you lose the $50 deposit.  

Your set number of people attending must be confirmed 2 WEEKS before the start of camp through the online registration, or you will be responsible for paying the FULL BALANCE of each person that does not attend.  Ex. If you sign up 40 people, but only 36 come, and you don't change the registration number two weeks before camp starts and communicate that with the Student Assistant, you will be responsible for paying for those 4 people - even if they don't go because we will have already paid for them on our end.  Numbers are submitted to camps in advance for food and lodging.

Final balance is due the first day of camp at registration. Payments can ONLY be made in the form of a check.  Please make the check payable to SBTC.  Balance checks can also be mailed to the SBTC prior to camp.

Make checks payable to "SBTC" and write in the memo "M3 Camp CAMP NAME."

Mail checks to SBTC, ATTN: Lauren Heinfeld, PO Box 1988, Grapevine, TX 76099.

Submit forms

All forms must be uploaded online by 9:00am on the Thursday before the camp start date.

  • Church Registration (online)
  • Church Safety Approval (background checks, child safety training) DUE 2 WEEKS BEFORE CAMP START DATE!
  • Student Registrations (1 packet per student)
  • Adult Registrations (1 packet per adult)
  • Participant Checklist (excel spreadsheet)
  • Child Protection Certificate (1 copy)

Registration and Refund Policies - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY & MARK YOUR CALENDARS

In preparing for camp, the SBTC obligates itself financially by reserving facilities, purchasing supplies, etc.  We base our purchases, reservations, and hire staffers based on actual number of registrations, with some allowance for fluctuations.  We understand that circumstances arise that may prevent a student from attending camp.  In order to reduce as much as possible the costs associated with cancelled reservations we require a minimal deposit and have attempted to leave registration open as long as possible. Campers should carefully consider their ability to attend camp before registering.  The following policies will govern registration, deadlines, and refunds.

  • M3 Camp is available to incoming 7th graders through recent high school 2017 graduates.
  • Churches must bring 1 adult for every 8 students for each gender in the dorms with the students.
  • A $50 per person, non-refundable deposit is required to hold your desired number of spots.
  • Churches will be charged the registration rate based upon the time frame they register campers.  For example:  If a church registers 10 campers during Early Registration (May 1), then adds 3 during Late Registration (after May 2), the three that are added later will pay the higher price. 
  • Before 9:00am on June 4 (HL), June 11 (Zephyr), and July 6 (Glorieta), deposits are transferable among campers of the same gender and/or applicable to the remaining balance.
  • After 9:00am on June 4 (HL), June 11 (Zephyr), and July 6 (Glorieta), your church is responsible for full price of all reserved spots.
  • Additions after 9:00am on June 4 (HL), June 11 (Zephyr), and July 6 (Glorieta) will be considered based upon availability at the Late Registration Rate.
  • Please do not arrive at camp with non-registered campers or those that have not completed the necessary forms. If anyone shows up to camp with incomplete forms, they will not be able to participate until the completed forms are retrieved.
  • Churches that choose Missions Track (HL only) must be able to provide transportation for their groups to and from the mission sites throughout the week.
  • Churches will be held responsible for all damages incurred in their cabin, dorm or other camp facilities unless reported at check-in.
  • Any church group that submits paperwork after the deadline will incur a $25 late fee.  ALL PAPERWORK IS DUE THE THURSDAY BEFORE THE START OF CAMP FOR HL & ZEPHYR and MONDAY BEFORE THE START OF GLORIETA.
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