CampsM3 Camp 2015 theme



  • M3 camp focues on Moment. Mission. Ministry.
  • A camp that is intetional about evangelism where students will clearly hear the Gospel and lost teen will be given an opportunity to profess Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • A camp that challenges students to live evangelistically in their communities and to live missional in the world.
  • A camp that offers breakout sessions to help students maintain and grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • A camp that utilizes small group experiences to promote discussion, prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. 


  • Keeps evangelism and missions as a central focus.
  • Seeks to be a place God calls students into vocational ministry.
  • Endeavors to help students learn how to live their faith out in their homes and communities.
  • Challenges students to do the work of evangelism and to engage in what God is doing around the world.
  • Cares about helping the local church and student ministries by extending our relationship with attending churches beyond one week of camp.
  • Strives to use quality communicators and worship leaders.
  • Fees kept at a minimum through the Cooperative Program giving of SBTC churches.
  • Pre-programmed activities that allow church leaders the freedom of not worrying about the details of running a camp.
  • M3’s staff desires to be an encouragement to churches and to student leaders.


WEEK 1- JUNE 8-12 [Zephyr]

WEEK 2- JUNE 22-26 [Highland Lakes]

WEEK 3- JULY 28-AUG 1  [New Location: Glorieta, NM]



A camp hosted by SBTC Hispanic Ministries, for more information click Youth Week to the right. 


July 13-18 - Schreiner University, Kerrville, TX

Lead Camp is geared for high school and college students who are becoming active in a church as a ministry leader. It involves the development of experiential skills for the purpose of strengthening the local church. It is a tremendous boost for students considering attending a Christian college. It is not just for students who feel “called” into vocational ministry, but is for all students who exhibit the desire or ability to be a leader. Students will return home with new music, new songs, new skits, and Bible studies, ministry tools and fellowship ideas to be used in their church and youth ministry. They will be better equipped to serve the Lord and use all of the talents He has given for strengthening the church, reaching others and honoring Him.

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