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July 26-30, 2016
Trinity Pines Conference Center - 
4341 FM 356 Trinity, TX 75862

  $235 per camper

For more information please email Kayla Burns or call the SBTC at 817-552-2500.

Space is limited, register now!

If you have already registered, download your camp forms! Once completed, email your forms to Kayla Burns or mail them to the SBTC office, ATTN: Lead Camp.

Camper, under 18
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Church Form (required for every church attending LEAD Camp)

Instructions for online band auditions.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

     Discipleship is the process of replication. It is important that we replicate disciples that are ready to assume leadership positions in the church. Students are the group of people that we should be pouring a great deal of time, attention, and resources into. LEAD Camp is a leadership boot-camp for leaders and worship leaders in your youth group. During this week of camp, students will grow deeper in their faith and understanding of Christ and receiving specific training in leadership and worship leadership practices.

     High School students are the primary audience for LEAD Camp. Youth ministers are encouraged to send their student leaders and worship band members. LEAD Camp is not only for students that feel a call to ministry, but open to all students who are leaders in their youth groups and on their high school campuses.

There are two main tracks to LEAD Camp 2016: worship and leadership

Worship Track: Worship Leadership/Worship Technology/Video and Drama

     The worship track is designed to provide all the tools and training necessary to plan worship, lead worship, and improve instrumental and leadership abilities. All worship track students will have band experience. Students will be placed in worship bands and will learn new songs and lead moments of worship throughout the week.

     Each student will spend time learning worship theology, worship planning and design, evaluating songs, leading and rehearsing a band, worship technology and instrumental techniques. Sessions are taught by experienced worship leaders and instrumentalists.
     *Instrument Breakouts at LEAD Camp are rhythm instruments (piano/keyboard, guitar, bass, drums) and voice only

     In the worship technology track students will learn the ins-and-outs of sound, lighting, and video projection and software systems. This track is a hands-on approach that will have students leaving LEAD Camp with the knowledge of how to better use the equipment they have at church and produce great sound/lighting/video week after week.

     Video/Drama track students will learn how to write scripts, act on screen, and shoot/edit video. Most students have amazing video capabilities in smartphones. This track will show students how to maximize this technology and resource to impact their friend’s lives with the Gospel.

Leadership Track:

     The leadership track at LEAD Camp is designed to teach Christian leadership principles, apologetics, personal discipleship, evangelism, and developing a Christian worldview. Your students will return to you as more fully developed leaders that can impact your youth group and community for the Gospel. Students will also put these principles into action during the week, applying what they are learning.


     Our new camp location requires one sponsor for every 10 students. Please keep this in mind when you're registering your group. You would need to provide an appropriate number of sponsors for your group.  




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