Church Planter Basic Training (DFW)

November 8th — 9th, 2019

Coordinator: ( 817-328-2635 )

Location/Venue: Southern Baptists of Texas Convention | SBTC Office
4500 State Highway 360
Grapevine, TX 76051


Additional Information:

“What’s Your Destination? Are you setting out to plant a single church or are you planning to start multiple churches that plant churches? Will you open your eyes to the Kingdom of God which is far bigger than you or your future church? To reach North America for Christ, we must focus on building the kingdom and move from addition to multiplication…” Basic Training 1 for Church Planters helps the Church Planting Team develop a solid step-by-step plan for starting a new church that starts churches. The training fits into a two day workshop with pre-workshop preparation. Estamos ofreciendo La Jornada de Entrenamiento Básico en Español. Regístrate para asistir el entrenamiento: Haz clic abajo en "Register" Ingrese su nombre, apellido y dirección de correo electronico. Donde dice "Registration Type," seleccione "Iniciador de Iglesias - Español" (Plantador - Español). Basic Training 2 Basic Training 2 is for the planter that has completed Basic Training 1. There are 8 systems that exist in every model of church, from simple to conventional. The health of each of these systems is vital for the life and ministry of the church and its effectiveness within the Kingdom of God. This training will 1) assist the church in analyzing its systems for health and developing a pathway for improvement, and 2) give the church a yearly tool to be used as a metric by church leadership to analyze their ministry fields and be proactive in regard to the spiritual health of those they lead. Existen 8 sistemas en cualquier modelo de iglesia, desde simple a convencional. La Salud de cada sistema es vital para la vida y ministerio de la iglesia y su efectividad dentro del Reino de Dios. Este entrenamiento 1)guiaráa la iglesia para analizar laefectividad de sus sistemas y desarrollar vías para el mejoramiento de cada uno, y 2)dará a la iglesia una herramienta que el liderazgo podrá usar para medir o analizar sus respectivas áreas de ministerio y ser proactivos en cuanto al salud espiritual de la congregación.
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