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Gender Guidelines at Texas Schools

Questions for Every Texas School District, Superintendent & School Board and What You Should Know

1. Question:

 What are your intentions for your school district in regards to the recently adopted FWISD transgendered guidelines, in addition to President Obama's directive for all school districts to consider adopting similar guidelines?

What You Should Know:

On April 26, the Superintendent of the Fort Worth, Texas, Independent School District (ISD) unilaterally issued new transgender student guidelines/policy at the Board of Trustees' meeting dictating new transgendered guidelines, effective immediately. They were not debated, discussed or voted on at any Board meetings.

It has since been shown that 80% of the FWISD residents do not agree with these new guidelines/policy and are speaking out for them to be revoked and the superintendent to resign. They are holding a petition drive, as well as meetings and press conferences, to express their disapproval.

2. Question:

Have you read through the new guidelines by FWISD, and the Dear Colleague Letter? 

To read of the Guidelines download pdf

Title IX and Gender Policies

Dear School Administrators and Board Members:

On May 13th, the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice issued a "Dear Colleague" Letter claiming that Title IX requires your school district to treat students consistent with their gender identity, including allowing students to access locker rooms, restrooms, and similar facilities of the opposite sex. This would allow a male student who asserts that he is female to immediately gain access to girls' locker rooms and restrooms, and vice versa.

The "Dear Colleague" Letter is wrong. The advice conflicts with Title IX and the rulings of several federal and state courts, and it violates your students' constitutional right to privacy.

Title IX authorizes schools to maintain separate locker rooms and restrooms on the basis of biological sex, without placing federal funding at risk.

• Title IX states that "nothing contained herein shall be construed to prohibit any educational institution receiving funds under this Act, from maintaining separate living facilities for the different sexes." 20 U.S.C. § 1686.

• Title IX's regulations further state that "[a] recipient may provide separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex." 34 C.F.R. § 106.33.

To read more of Title IX download pdf

11 states file lawsuit against Obama administration’s transgender directive

May 26th, 2016 / By: Bonnie Pritchett | TEXAN Correspondent

AUSTIN—The state of Texas, joined by representatives of ten other states, filed a lawsuit May 25 challenging President Barack Obama’s directive demanding all federally funded schools apply a controversial interpretation of Title IX requiring schools to define a student’s sexual identity based, not on biological traits, but on feelings.

On May 13 the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice issued a “Dear Colleague” letter giving guidance to all federally funded K-12 schools and universities in their application of Title IX. The one-sentence regulation passed in 1972 as part of the Higher Education Act prohibits discrimination in public education based on sex. The Obama administration interprets “sex” to include “gender identity”—a student’s perceived gender regardless of biological characteristics.

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