Ministry Preparation Initiative (MPI)

I am the pastor of a congregation here in Texas and I don’t have the opportunity to go to seminary to prepare myself for ministry, but I know that I need more than just a basic training to properly teach and direct my congregation.

 Who can equip me?
Who will equip my leaders?

The Need
The population continues to grow rapidly. With every generation, the level of Biblical illiteracy increases, as does the void of available, equipped leaders. There are faithful men following God’s call but who are without ministry training and without the opportunity to be trained. The formal education system is costly, may require relocation, leaving job and home, and has not produced the amount of pastors and church planters that the mission field requires.

The Solution 
Provide a non-traditional, non formal Biblical, theological and ministerial training that is practical, economical, reproducible, systematic, comprehensive and locally based in a SBTC affiliated church. The students stay actively involved in their local church and upon completion, may begin immediately to train others and start new discipleship groups and churches.

Concept and Curriculum
The SBTC Ministry Preparation Initiative expounds on the base of the BTCP curriculum – Bible Training Centre for Pastors – to provide a pastor or church leader in Texas with the Biblical knowledge and skills needed to practically, adequately and effectively carry out their ministerial role and see more churches started in Texas and around the world. The base curriculum is currently in 34 different languages. 

The Curriculum (Three different tracks)

Basic Courses (requirement) also is the Leader track
- Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation
- Old Testament Survey
- New Testament Survey
- Biblical Doctrine Survey
- Personal Spiritual Life

Church Planter Track (Basic Courses plus)
- Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
- Principles of Teaching
- SBC history and Cooperative Program
- Basic Training for Church Planters

Pastoral Diploma Courses (Basic Courses plus)
- Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
- Principles of Teaching
- Church History Survey (includes SBC history and Cooperative Program)
- Church Ministry / Administration / Education
- Missions / Evangelism / Discipleship

The Cost
The only potential cost for starting a center is the registration fee for attending a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) in order to receive an orientation on the philosophy and method behind the curriculum and have access to become a partner. There is a minimal fee for the workshop and these orientations are scheduled as needed during the year around the state and there is a set orientation each year at the SBTC office in Grapevine, TX.

Each text book costs $20 plus the need for the student to have a Study Bible. Additional costs may incur if the center chooses to pay its teachers an honorarium or for refreshment or child care expenses. But these additional items are extremely optional.

The Benefit to Connecting your Center with SBTC:

1. Network with other center directors for encouragement and sharing best practices.
2. Every graduating student can receive a acknowledgement letter from SBTC, in the case they continue studies elsewhere or leave to minister in another country.

A planter or pastor that completes the planting track of a MPI / HBIBS affilated training center will:
1. Be a candidate for streamlining through the church planter support application process with SBTC.
2. Be eligible to receive a grant of Bible study materials for their personal library.

Teacher Qualifications  (fulfiill ANY ONE of these four)
  • Have taken all 10 courses   OR
  • Have a certificate of completion from a Bible Institute   OR
  • Have a religion degree from a Bible college OR
  • Have a degree from a conservative evangelical seminary
Additional Info

For more information on how to get your local center started:

Please contact:
David Alexander
SBTC Ministry Preparation Initiative


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