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Trinity Pines Conference Center - 4341 FM 356 Trinity, TX 75862

     Early Registration- $190/ camper if registered before March 1st
     Late Registration- $235/ camper if registered after March 1st 

For More information please email SBarron@sbtexas.com or call the SBTC at 817-552-2500.

What are you doing to develop the next generation of leaders?

 Give your students a 20 year head start in Leadership principles and practice. Lead Camp is geared for high school and college students who want to minister now in their culture. It involves the development of experiential skills for the purpose of strengthening the local church. It is not just for students who feel “called” into vocational ministry, but is for all students who exhibit the desire or ability to be a leader.

Worship Track: Leadership Track:

**Bands will learn their specific instrument from seasoned professions.  The focus is student worship bands and students who want to lead in worship.
MASTER MUSICIAN CLASSES - Worship Leader Skill clinics- All worship tracks students will be given the chance to train with skilled musicians on their instruments in our skill clinics.

These clinics are large group sessions where all students of the same track (worship leader, guitar, keys, drums, etc.) are taught by one of our master instructors. 

**Students interested in drama and videography will learn how to combine the two to produce videos that can be shared in their church, school, and around the world as they share Christ.
**Students interested in learning how to run a sound system and lights will be taught by professionals.  Students will be equipped to be on their churches sound crew.

Students will be taught the following in large group sessions

**Spiritual development - their spiritual gifts, their leadership style and strengths, evangelism strategies and tools, why the Bible is trustworthy, being called to ministry
**Personal Development – servanthood, leadership principles, time management, having a personal vision, setting goals, owning your life, purity, learn their personal leadership style and strengths
**Culturally/World View – talk about avoiding pornography and how to escape its grip; talk about homosexuality from a biblical perspective; Christians in politics and government; evolution vs creation


Our new camp location requires a sponsor for every 10 students that you bring. Please keep this in mind when you're registering your group! We would love to have you and your students!

Questions? Email EvangEvents@sbtexas.com

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