• Economically booming - nearing 300,000 people

  • 96% Hispanic - ´╗┐majority bilingual, especially younger people

  • Median age 27- among the youngest in USA

  • 95% non-evangelical - most lost county in Texas (Webb)

  • Only 1% Southern Baptist - one SBC church for every 8,400 people


  • Work with church planters and new pastors in parts of Laredo that feel just like Mexico.

  • Work with young church planters focused on starting simple churches.

  • Help us break up hard spiritual ground by prayerwalking in Laredo's middle-class, English-speaking northside.

  • Train with missionaries in Laredo - use what you learn here and take it home with you.

  • Come as a Student Missionary for up to a year of intensive discipleship, missions and church planter training.


David Alexander 817.552.2500

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