SBTC Church Planter Residency Support System


Guidelines for Supporting SBTC Affiliated Church Planting Centers

An incredible tool for preparing to send out church planters is an internship or residency. A church planting center will covenant with a prospective church planter to support and train the prospective planter for up to a year. During this time, the planter will learn what is involved in starting a new church while undergoing systematic training. The SBTC is seeking to collaborate with its affiliated churches that are calling out and developing church planters.


SBTC will help Cooperative Church Planting Centers by

  • Provide Training (as needed) for
    • Assessors
    • Coaches
    • Planter Trainers 
  • Offer limited matching Residency funds for approved prospective interns who intend to plant in Texas.
  • Provide space at SBTC Annual Meeting and SEND Conference for Residency Affiliate promotion.
  • Help Church Planting Center Residency programs as needed
  • Connect Residency Director with State Network for encouragement and sharing best practices.

 Requirements for church planter interns seeking SBTC funding

  • If the intern is going to later plant in Texas, complete the SBTC Church Planter Support System up to the Assessment piece.       
  • Must be approved by SBTC Church Planting Team (pass a church planter assessment either given by Church Planting Center or the SBTC)
  • Not be divorced
  • Agree to abstain from alcoholic beverages as a matter of testimony
  • Affirm the BF&M 2000
  • Complete a monthly report (due on the 1st of each month)


The Church Planting Center Commits to

  • Be a faithful giver to the Cooperative Program
  • Either has been a primary sponsor of an SBTC church plant OR have attended Churches Planting Churches Training
  • Have a consultation dialogue with SBTC Church Planting Team concerning residency program strategy and agenda
  • Provide Residency System for at least six months to a year that includes:
    • Thorough Assessment of Planter (and Spouse if applicable)
    • Coaching
    • Planter Training
    • An orientation to SBC life and the Cooperative Program as a part of the training program.
    • Intern must be engaged in church planting activities as agreed upon by SBTC and Church Planting Center.

Continued support of planter by SBTC beyond the Residency is contingent on

  • Planter remaining in Texas to plant
  • Passing an updated assessment
  • Passing a background and reference check
  • SBTC approval of Planter’s Prospectus and Initial Budget
  • Primary/Sending Sponsor Church is affiliated with SBTC


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