People Group Missionaries

The SBTC recognizes that church planting requires different methods and strategies. This is particularly true when planting in certain regions, within some socioeconomic conditions, among many affinity and subculture groups, and especially among immigrant ethnolinguistic people groups. Among the latter, the conventional approach of a founding pastor/planter, immediately starting open and public worship services, using traditional programs and processes, and conventional three year declining funding probably won't work. To the contrary, the planter needs to be a missionary, catalyst and strategist. His plan will look more like that of an international missionary than that of a founding pastor.

Therefore, the SBTC has developed the Missionary Planter Track. This track involves a planter who:

  • Has proven himself to be a catalyst, a strategist, and a process thinker.

  • Has shown the skills of a missionary by building relationships, and doing contextually appropriate evangelism and discipleship.

  • Who can work bi-vocationally and/or recruit enough partners to build a strong support base.

  • Undergoes a specially designed interview, assessment, and training process.

  • Develops a long-term plan for reaching his people group.

  • Is willing to work under the supervision of a sponsor church, an association, and a state convention consultant.

For more information about the peogle group missionaries, contact Devendra (Dan) Acharya.

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