SBTC Church Planting Funding Support

This support system is specifically designed for new church starts that would like to affiliate with the SBTC, connect with other planters, benefit from the SBTC coaching support and need some funding support. 
PLEASE NOTE: While SBTC funding is substantial, it will not be enough to support a full time planter. All planters are strongly encouraged to be enlisting all the support they can from family, friends and other churches. 

Also, we recommend the planter start some small group Bible studies and building core group even before finishing the SBTC support process. The SBTC usually prefers the planter have at least 15-20 adults gathering in weekly Bible studies before funding will commence. The planter should plan to attend a Church Planter Training very early in the plant process so as to avoid making unnecessary strategy mistakes. 

Our Support:

  • Prayer Support

  • Inclusion in State Church Planting Network
    (invitation to Planter/wife retreat)

  • Church Planting Tools, Resources and other relevant information    

  • Church Planting Strategy Consultation

  • Demographic Data and Strategy Consultation

  • Training and consultation in over 100 different ministry areas.

  • Coaching (1st year funded by SBTC)

  • Personal Growth Tracking System

  • Growth Reviews and Consultations

  • Invitation to New Pastor Orientation at SBTC (Usually in January)

  • Connecting the Church Planter spouse to another former planter's wife for informal coaching, prayer and encouragement.
  • Monthly funding support



Steps for Planter:


 This is a two part application and information gathering to help us know you and the area in which you desire to start a new church. 

During this phase, you will be asked to fill out an online form for completing a background check.


  Next, you will be given instructions for completing a formal Church Planter Assessment
  • (SBTC accepts other approved planter assessments done within past 3 years. If you have one, please send us a copy.)

  The SBTC Planter assessment consists of two parts:
  1. The online PLACE assessment evaluates the planter's DISC personality profile, spiritual gifts, passions, experiences and church planting apptitudes. It also provides an evaluation on his spouse (if applicable).

  2. Once the PLACE online survey is completed, SBTC will instruct its assessors to schedule a personal interview with the planter and spouse.


Each prospective planter will need to have three references complete a reference form and return it to us.  Here is the form for download.  Planter Reference Form


 The Prospective church planter will need to attend a Church Planter Training (Basic Training)  This can be done at any time.

The SBTC acknowledges other quality church planter trainings. If you have attended on in the past 3 years, please contact us to let us know when, where and by whom for the training event. 

  • SBTC hosts training 3 times a year. Click here to register for upcoming training.
    (SBTC accepts other approved planter training if done within
    past 3 years.)

  Upon finishing the planter training, the planter will submit a Strategy Proposal and Budget.
SBTC Affiliation is a requirement for the new church plant.
  The Resource Meeting
  • After the above steps are completed, an SBTC church planting rep will meet with you, your primary sponsoring church, and association rep (if connected to one) to set up appropriate resources for your plant and additional expectations.


Additional Resources

As you commence your new work, please explore the church planting resources page. We continually add new resources and links of materials and other helps for the various ministry needs of the new plant.



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