SBTC Church Planter Coaching Support

This support system is designed for new church starts that do not need funding support but would like to affiliate with the SBTC, connect with other planters and be connected to one of the SBTC church planting coaches.

The information required from the planter is substantial. The background informaton and assessment provide foundational information for the coaching relationship. The Planter training provides the planter with necessary essentials for the plant and a launch pad for the coach to work with. 

Whereas the Pre-Application must be done before the Personal Information Form and Assessment, the planter may attend training at any time.

Our Support:

  • Prayer Support

  • Inclusion in State Church Planting Network
    (invitation to Planter/wife retreat)

  • Church Planting Tools, Resources and other relevant information

  • Church Planting Strategy Consultation

  • Demographic Data and Strategy Consultation

  • Training and consultation in over 100 different ministry areas.

  • Coaching (1st year funded by SBTC)

  • Personal Growth Tracking System

  • Growth Reviews and Consultations

  • Invitation to SBTC Planter Orientation


Steps for Planter:

 Start here by accessing the SBTC Planter Support Application System.

This is a two part information gathering piece in order to help know you
 and your desired area for planting. It is a pre-assessment of sorts.

After completing the above step, you will be given instructions
for completing a formal Church Planter Assessment
  • (SBTC also accept other quality planter assessments

     done within past 3 years. If you have one, please send us a copy.)

The SBTC Planter assessment consists of two parts:
1. An online PLACE profile which assesses the planter's
DISC personality profile, spiritual gifts, passions, experiences
and church planting apptitudes.
It also provides an evaluation on his spouse (if applicable).

2. A personal interview with the planter and spouse.

The Planter will need to attend a Church Planter Training (Basic Training)

This can be done at any time.

  • SBTC hosts training 3 times a year. Click here to register for upcoming training.
    (SBTC accepts other quality planter training if done within
    past 4 years.)

After finishing the planter training, the planter will need to prepare


Also, you will need to affiliate with the SBTC.


Connect with Partners:               

Primary Sponsor Church: SBTC requires that your primary sponsor church be an SBTC affiliated church. If you do not know that information, please check the affiliated church list. All of your other sponsors and partners can be affiliated with whomever. 
If you have not already done so, contact your local associational Director of Missions (DOM) or the DOM of the area where your church will be planted.  If you do not have a partner (sponsor) church, the DOM might help you find one. The association may have their own application/information form for you to fill out.  If not, give a copy of your pre-application and the Personal Information Form (PIF) to both the DOM and the partner church. 
Feel free to enlist as many partners and sponsors as you desire for your church plant. These can be family, friends, and other churches. 

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