Request a Missionary Speaker

Your church can request missionaries from the IMB, NAMB, Texas or the SBTC to speak on Sunday mornings or special events.

International Missionary:  Submit your request through the International Mission Board, by clicking here. You can contact the IMB directly at speaking@imb.org.

*Missionaries receive many invitations to speak in churches, so it is extremely important that a church secures a desired missionary speaker as early as possible. Only a small percentage of IMB field staff is stateside at any given time, therefore it is difficult to fill every request. Your church needs to be aware of the fact that our stateside missionaries do not have a travel allowance while in the United States. All travel, lodging and meal expenses (and honorariums) will be the responsibility of your church when inviting a missionary speaker. 

North American Missionary: Submit your request through the North American Mission Board, by clicking here. You can contact the North American Mission Board toll free at (800) 834-2462 or send them a message by clicking here.

Request a Student Semester/Summer Missionary

High School, college, and seminary students are available to assist churches in sharing Christ, starting new churches, and mobilizing missionaries and volunteers.  To request a student semester or summer missionary, please contact Eric Perkins or call (903) 918-1926.

Request to Partner with a Missionary

Your church can partner with international or national missionaries through prayer, people groups, area focuses, and mission trips.  For more information about partnering with a missionary, please contact Eric Perkins or call (903) 918-1926.

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